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Olga Torres Masana

Olga Torres Masana was born in Sabadell, Barcelona, in 1956. She graduated as an industrial engineer and rendered her services as a member of the teaching staff at the “Escola Universitaria dÉstudis Empresarials” in Sabadell for her entire professional life.

The premature death of her mother and shortly after the death of her brother forced her to live with her father, Dionís Torres Segura.

In 1988, Olga felt ill. In June 1998, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused several cancerous conditions. When she died in October 2002, her father decided to created the Fundación Olga Torres to advance research in autoimmune diseases known to cause cancer.

An adolescent Olga. Photo taken by her father. Olga at a wedding reception.

Olga´s two great hobbies were travelling and skiing. Skiing was the perfect excuse for oth father and daughter to scape to Vall d´Aran very frequently to enjoy the peace and the beauty of the mountains. Sometimes they went alone and on another occasions they went with friends or relatives.

Dionís contemplates the fire, thinking.

Arteis, with Vall del Montarte in the background, as seen from Olga´s room.

Dionís looks at the Vall del Montarto from the balcony of his room.

Olga doing some cross-country skiing at the fields of Beret.

Olga at the summit, at the scenic point, before going down the slopes.

Olga eats nuts while she rests with some friends during an excursion through the valley of the Aiguamoix river.

Olga and her father sunbathing at the terrace of their home.

Olga and her father pose for some friends before a gastronomic field trip.

Dionís looking after Olga during her illness.

Olga and Dionís in a family gathering.

Olga and Jordi trying to figure out how many watches there are on the wall of Hospital Clinic, where she was hospitalised several times during her illness.

Sculpture hanging from the Olga Torres Study Hall at the “Escola Universitària d’Estudis Empresarials”. The Olga Torres Study Hall was built thanks to a donation given by Dionís Torres Segura when her daughter died.

Olga convalescent.