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Dr. Bernat Soria Escoms

Medical doctor
professor of Physiology

PhD in medicine, professor of physiology and director of the “Institut de Bioingeniería” by the “Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche”. His academic responsibilities worldwide are very extensive: co-ordinator of the “Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (ANEP) (January 1991 – February 1994), Associate Editor of the Pflügers Archiv- European Journal of Physiology, Springer Verlag, Diabetology, member of the “ Consejo Editorial de Avances en Diabetología”, Diabetes Care Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, Review of Diabetic Studies.

Dr Soria performs his research activity in the field of cell and tissue bioengineering, biophysics of the coupling stimulus-secretion, ionic channels, exocitosis, cytosolic calcium, beta pancreatic cell, insulin, oscillations in excitable cells, and transplants.

His dissemination activity as a lecturer is very extensive with over 100 research projects, editing of four books and very active presence in congresses, seminars, symposiums, etc. among them: Conference at the European Parlament on the therapeutic possibilities of stem cells. Dr Soria was guest speaker invited by the Royal Society of Edimburg to give a presentation at the Scotland House (European Parlament Scottish members). Dr Soria also gave a lecture advocating nuclear transfer for therapeutic purposes at the General Assembly of the Commission for Human Rights at the UN.

Dr Soria is a member of various scientific societies: as president of the EBSA (European Biophysicis Societies Association), president of the “Sociedad Española de Diabetes”, member of the Council of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biphysics, co-ordinator of the Biomedical Engineering Task Force (IUPAB),

The quality of his work has been widely recognised, having been granted numerous awards and distinctions: Gold Medal and Award from the “Real Academia Nacional de Medicina” (Instituto de España), January 1989, national award for Basic Research granted by the “Sociedad Española de Diabetes” (1998), award from the “Sociedad Internacional de Bioética”, Medal of Andalusia, etc.