FOT news: The 2024/25 Call for Research Fellowships on Colorectal Cancer opens.

Celebration of the Nit de la Ciència i el Coneixement 2017 in Sabadell

Overview of the auditorium

The second edition of Science Night brought together a large audience at the Auditorium of the Antigua Caixa Sabadell.

The programme combined scientific and academic content with a musical performance by the Cor Vèrtex and magic and entertainment acts by the showman Carles Reiet. The event was presented and conducted by the communicator Xavier Andreu.

The proceeds of this edition will go to a research project to be developed by Parc Taulí in Sabadell, in order to promote new ways to improve the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

In the course of the event, the prize for the best work of divulgation on cancer of the colon was awarded by the Fundació Olga Torres.

18 May 2017